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DexShell Cycling Skull Cap

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Wind proof skull cap over forehead and ears, 4 way stretchable fabric shell and anatomic panel design for a close fit. Ideal for those determined to get out on their weekly bike ride regardless of the weather, our Dexshell cycling skull cap is a great addition to your collection of cycling gear. Designed to be worn underneath your cycling helmet, this skull cap can help to keep you warm and comfortable, so you can take to the hills or cycling paths, whichever is your riding style.

Key Features

  • Thermal
  • Windproof
  • Outstanding performance
  • Ultra lightweight with casual design

Thermal Guideline: 5*

*All Dexshell products are listed with a thermal rating 1-5 with 5 being their most thermal. They use a 3 layer construction on socks, hats and gloves. This keeps them warmer and with the windproof and waterproof PORELLE® membrane it will keep you element repellent and warm.

Ear & Forehead Insulation - If the sound of wind whipping in your ears is off-putting, and the feeling of the bitter cold is too uncomfortable to ignore, the Dexshell cycling skull cap is an ideal solution. It perfectly covers the forehead and ears, making for an insulating layer against you and the elements.

Stretchable Fabric - The 4-way stretchable fabric makes this a versatile skull cap for every cyclist, fitting comfortably over all head shapes and sizes and making it easy to wear underneath styles of helmets.

Close-Fit Thermal Protection - Wondering how this can fit snug to your head? The skull cap features an anatomic panel design, ensuring a close fit to the head which helps to provide additional thermal protection against even the windiest of conditions when worn underneath a helmet.