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Finish Line

Finish Line Gear Floss

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A favourite in our workshop at Revo Bikes, Finish Line Gear Floss™ is the ultimate detailing tool for your bike! Perfect for cleaning your cassette, front chain rings, jockey wheels, hubs and spindles, brake arms, bottom bracket / crank interface and more.

Gear Floss is made of microfibre rope, which works by attracting, removing, and holding grime. Other materials simply move grime around. Microfiber works by capturing dirt, grease and particles inside its star-shaped grooves. Dirt is held deep inside the core of the fibre. Microfibres remove grime better than any other material known to man! Gear Floss is highly tear-resistant and is washable.

So very easy to use!

• Position floss between gears
• Slide back and forth
• Slide into other hard-to-clean areas like jockey wheels, hubs and spindles, brake arms, bottom brackets /crank interface, etc.

Each Pack Contains 20 Ropes
Each Rope = 20” / 510mm Length