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Joystick 8-Bit Alloy Bar

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The 8-Bit Alloy bar is made from an extremely strong but lightweight Aluminium Alloy. The handlebar measures 800mm (31.5 inches) and is made to help you control your ride but can easily be cut down to meet your personal preferences.

The new 8-Bit is available in two rises 20mm or 38mm and in two colours black or gun metal grey. 

Every single bar has been designed and developed for performance. Despite it’s performance oriented strength the bar comes in at a race ready weight and optimized flex for improved feel. 


Bar Width:800mm, Rise:20mm or 38mm, Bend:9°, Upsweep:6°, Weight:300g, Material:8-Bit LT Alloy, 


All of Joystick's alloy products are made with either an 8-bit or 8-bit LT (Lite) blend of alloy. While most manufacturers just settle for a standard off the shelf alloy Joystick have gone to great lengths to source alloy blends that not only meet their exacting test standards but also provide an unmatched performance and feel.

Don't forget, this product also contributes to the ' Trail Advocacy ' programme!