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Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee and Shin Guard

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Soft and Hard Shell Hybrid Knee and Shin Guard with Extended Length for extra protection

Combining the best of Leatt's soft and hard shell protection, the South African boffins engineered the Hybrid EXT Knee and Shin Guard to provide quality protection. Specifically designed with BMX and downhill riders in mind, these guards have a full shin, extended length design.

Building on their successful 3DF AirFit protection range, Leatt have added additional deflecting hard shell areas for extra protection on the shins. The original 3DF AirFit range is made of soft, ventilated impact foam that is flexible in its natural state but instantly transforms into a hard, energy absorbing substance upon impact to provide protection. Leatt has now used this same foam to create a 3DF impact absorbing knee area on the guard. The Hybrid EXT’s new 25% slimmer CE impact profile and 3D design delivers a comfortable fit, which is further enhanced with silicone printed and adjustable non-slip cuffs that keep the guards in place. The Hybrid EXT Knee and Shin Guard scores a total of 19 points in the Leatt protection rating system.

Bike shop Mark wears these. He's heavy, he crashes a lot, they protect him. Real world tested and approved by our very own crash test dummy!